Loaves and Fishes

Saturday Morning Breakfast for the Homeless


Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless

On Thursday, Nov 22nd, beginning at 3:00pm.

Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, as you would for the Saturday morning breakfast.

For several years now, Trinity has hosted a Saturday morning breakfast to feed the homeless and hungry who arrive each week. For many years, Trinity not only provided a place for the breakfast, but provided strong financial support as well. Although the financial support from Trinity is not current, the breakfast is sponsored by Celebrate Outreach, a combined group of area churches and interested people whose goal it is to end and prevent homelessness in our city.

Each week, many people from the homeless community and volunteers from churches gather beginning at 6 AM to prepare the breakfast. Two egg casseroles are prepared one with meat and one without. Grits and homemade biscuits are also Served as well as fruit when it is available. The Publix supermarket on 38th Ave. N. and 66th St. also donates outdated breads and pastries to fill out the menu. Of course, coffee is also made and fruit juice is also available. Each week between 150 and 200 people are nourished from this ample breakfast. Christ has urged us to feed the hungry and by our participation in this program, we are following his command.

When the food is exhausted, the volunteers begin to clean up Redeemer Hall and all the tables are wiped down and the floor is mopped and the kitchen is also given a thorough cleaning so that there is little evidence that the hall has been used. We begin preparation at 6 AM and members of Trinity are welcome to come help or observe any time. Donations to defray costs are still very welcomed as well.

Pastor Tom Snapp

Maybe some of you wonder who comes to breakfast on Saturday morning. Of the between 150 and 200 people who come to eat, there are a variety of characters. Several of our men and women come early about 6:30 or so and start to crack the eggs, make the cornbread, put on the coffee and otherwise help prepare breakfast. I doubt this ministry could be possible without the help of these wonderful people from the streets so to speak. Although no one ever asked him to do so, one man (the same one who comes early to crack eggs) stays after everyone leaves and mops the floor and otherwise straightens up our room including the bathrooms and the elevator area. The last Saturday of the month is usually our busiest because the money from the disability checks is about spent by then. Not all of our guests sleep on the streets or in sheltered places, but they do not have enough money to both feed and shelter themselves simultaneously.

I was moved the other morning when one of our guests asked me how he was going to get back downstairs. I told him to push the button and then go inside to push the “1” button. He then asked me to do it because he did not know how to read. I helped him push the right button and then thanked God that he had eaten a good breakfast that day.

Trinity is blessed to be carrying out the words of Jesus who said that when we feed anyone who is hungry we feed him as well. Thank you on behalf of all those who share this ministry with us.

Pastor Tom